What is a ZED token?

The ZED token is a standard ERC-20 token deployed on Polygon and Ethereum, allowing compatibility with all EVM based chains.

Where can I use the ZED token

The ZED token will be initially supported by ZED RUN, a Play-and-Earn (“P&E”) video game. The ZED token will become the primary way to interact i.e. race, breed, and lend. The ZED token will be utilised in a way that continually engages existing stable owners, while simultaneously attracting new stable owners to join the platform.

What does it do? What utility does it hold?

You can use the ZED token to access all gameplay features in ZED RUN as well as govern the ZED token ecosystem.

Is the ZED token a cryptocurrency digital asset?


The ZED token is a form of cryptocurrency and is a utility token. The ZED token is an ERC 20 token which means you can send and receive it from any other Ethereum compatible wallet (such as MetaMask). Because it is an ERC 20 token, you can store it in your wallet, transfer it, and potentially use it independently of the ZED token ecosystem.

Who is it for? Can anyone get them?


Anyone can get their hands on the ZED token.The ZED token will be first available to claim by all existing eligible ZED RUN users who have shown support for, and participated in, the
ZED RUN ecosystem since of the platform. These existing stable owners will be the first participants to be able to claim the ZED token.For new users, there are a number of ways to acquire the ZED token, such as creating a stable, acquiring a racehorse and performing well in races.
In addition, it is possible that the ZED token may be resold and available on a secondary markets, such as centralised and decentralised exchanges.

Where do I get ZED tokens?

There may be both centralised and decentralised exchanges that offer trading on the secondary market in the ZED token.

How many ZED tokens will there be?

1,000,000,000 (one billion) in total.

How will I see where my tokens are?

Given that the ZED token is an ERC 20 token, you can also view it in MetaMask by following these steps:

  1. Open MetaMask (what is MetaMask?)
  2. Make sure you are on the Polygon/Matic network (what is this?)
  3. Under the ‘asset’ tab click on ‘import tokens’
  4. Enter in the following details:
  • Token Address: 0x….x03i4-023i4-320i
  • Token Symbol: ZRT
  • Token Decimals: 18

You can also view your ZED tokens by visiting polygonscan.com and pasting your wallet address into the search bar.

If you are eligible for the ZED token airdrop, you can view your ZED tokens via your ZED RUN wallet located in the top right corner on ZED RUN after you have successfully logged on.

Will the ZED token be airdropped?


There will be a claiming process for the ZED token. The claiming process is available to eligible users.

The claiming process will begin shortly after the Token Generation Event (“TGE”) and will be open for ninety (90) days).

Do I have to pay gas fees to claim my ZED token(s)?


Gas fees will be borne by the token issuer for those eligible users that are claiming the ZED token.

Where are my ZED tokens stored?

ZED tokens are stored within your MetaMask wallet.
These wallets are non-custodial which means, only you have access to them.
If you cannot access your wallet due forgetting your password or seed phrase, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do.

Who will receive the ZED token?

Early supporters of the ZED RUN ecosystem have taken on personal risk, including but not limited to: time capital, financial capital, social capital and even loyalty – to support the product as it grew from a concept, experienced growing pains, and continues to build towards the long-term vision.
As such, ZED tokens will be distributed and claimable across 250,000+ ZED RUN owners; relative to their historic in-game activity.

What does TGE mean?

Token Generation Event (TGE) is the day the token will launch. We will disclose this day closer to the launch date.

If I own a Genesis racehorse, will I be allocated more ZED tokens?


Depending on the length of ownership, a Genesis racehorse holds more weight than a non-Genesis racehorse. The eligibility criteria for participating in the ZED token airdrop is detailed here for both Skins and ZED Pass holders.

How was the airdropped decided?

Please refer to Airdrop Eligibility.

Will the ZED token be tradable on exchanges?

The ZED token may appear on 3rd party centralised and decentralised exchanges.

Will supply be capped?


The supply of ZED tokens is capped at one billion (1,000,000,000).

Who is the Token Issuer?

Future Future Labs, a British Virgin Islands business company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands with limited liability, is the token issuer.

Is the ZED Token a governance token?


ZED token holders are able to govern the ZED Token ecosystem. Please refer to the token issuer’s whitepaper for more details.

Are there any contract audits?


The ZED tokens smart contracts are audited by Quanstamp.

Why wasn’t my stable considered in the airdrop allocation?

A thoughtful approach was taken to reward all existing ZED RUN stable owners with the ZED token. Factors such as length of racehorse ownership, the amount of times you raced and the amount of times you bred were taken into consideration. Please refer here for more information.

What if I lost access to a prior wallet, can I still get my allocated ZED tokens on a new wallet?


ZED tokens allocated to one account cannot be redistributed to another account as part of the initial airdrop.

How will it work for those using Magic email wallets?

If you are eligible for the ZED token initial airdrop and have a Magic email wallet, you can simply log on into the token issuers website (to claim your tokens. The tokens that are successfully claimed, will then appear in your ZED RUN digital wallet.